Monday, January 25, 2010

CNBC - Dick Bove - propoganda at it's worse - 5:00

This guy, if not the worse pump monkey for the banks, along with being wrong quite often, now sits here and tries to convince people, as CNBC has been doing for the last 3 days, the entire market will crash if congress doesn't re-confirm Bernanke, and Obama implements the so called "Volcker" plan. Then turns around and tells us the TBTF banks are a good thing, and how the small banks, who rely on deposits are a bad thing. Oh my!

So let's just let the big banks continue their risky behavior, leverage to the moon, and when it blows up again, bail them out with our tax dollars. What a complete shill - get this guy off TV - he is a threat to the people of the United States. Bove, your a pathetic human being, and so are you CNBC for letting this clown on TV.

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