Sunday, June 30, 2013

NSA links

Senators accuse US of using ‘secret law’ to collect data Guardian
NSA leaker’s father says son would return to face charges, US renews calls for his return Washington Post.
Ecuadorean Disarray Clouds Snowden Bid Wall Street Journal.
Diplomats from Several Countries Set Up Meeting to Discuss Snowden Case SoftPedia (1 SK). Another bad sign.
Trapped in Transit: Orwellian Moscow airport hotel Associated Press (Lambert)
Probe of Contractor Vetting Snowden Sees Falsified Data Bloomberg
“Intelligence,” Corporatism, and the Dance of Death Arthur Silber (1 SK)
Exposing the Dark Forces Behind the Snowden Smears Max Blumenthal, Alternet
The Government’s Mass Spying Is An Affront To Democratic Values. Let’s Also Not Pretend It’s An Effective And Efficient Way Of Keeping Us Safe George Washington.
The Wonderful American World of Informers and Agents Provocateurs NationofChange
License-Plate Readers Let Police Collect Millions of Records on Drivers Cryptogon
Some Thoughts On The Snowden Fallout Moon of Alabama (Chuck L)

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