Sunday, June 30, 2013

More NSA

New slides on NSA program released WaPo. “PRISM case notation format reflects the availability, confirmed by The Post’s reporting, of real-time surveillance as well as stored content.”
Speaking on NSA stories, Snowden and journalism Glenn Greenwald, Guardian.
NSA – Recording One Billion Phonecalls Per Day Moon of Alabama (partial transcript of Greenwald talk)
Attacks from America: NSA Spied on European Union Offices Der Spiegel
Ecuador in talks with Russia and US over CIA whistleblower Voice of Russia
OMIGOD James Clapper Has Our Gun Purchase Records emptywheel
Snowden fallout comes at bad time for private equity Reuters
Secret snooping keeps us vulnerable Interfluidity
I’ll Be Watching You: NSA Surveillance and the Male Gaze The New Inquiry

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