Thursday, August 15, 2013

NSA, Larry Summers

Intelligence committee urged to explain if they withheld crucial NSA document Guardian
Turns out that big Al Qaeda conference call that scared everyone was actually posts on a Jihadi forum Gawker
Administration’s OWN White Paper Backs Claim Mike Rogers Did Not Share Dragnet Notice Marcy Wheeler
There Is No Such Thing As NSA-Proof Email Mother Jones
Cyber Spies in London Recycle Bins Told to Move On Infosecurity
Political Economy Trumps Macroeconomics Douglas Weldone, TouchStone
Obama’s unconstitutional steps worse than Nixon’s George Will

Tell President Obama to not appoint Larry Summers as Federal Reserve chair Daily Kos.
Larry Summers – Obama’s Fatal Attraction? Rugged Egalitarianism
White House said to be telling senators who don’t want Larry Summers as Fed chief to bug off Daily Kos (Carol B)
Why Is the Fed Chairman a Bank Regulator (or an Economist)? Adam Levitin,
Center For American Progress Says Larry Summers ‘Not A Wall Street Guy’ DSWright Firedoglake.
I Know What You Did Last, Summers: The Shady Deals That Will Hand Larry The Fed Mark Ames,

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