Saturday, June 15, 2013

More NSA links

On PRISM, partisanship and propaganda Glenn Greenwald
NSA snooping: Facebook ‘receives 1,500 data requests a month’BBC
The Sickening Snowden Backlash Daily Beast
Hong Kong lawmakers urge Obama to ‘tread very carefully’ on Snowden case South China Morning Post
Charles Pierce to Edward Snowden: “Your work here is done. Go away and quietly plan your legal defense.” Corrente
The Real War on Reality Peter Ludlow, New York Times. Be sure to read this.
Jailed Qwest CEO claimed that NSA retaliated because he wouldn’t participate in spy program Daily Caller (May S)
Retired Federal Judge: Your Faith In Secret Surveillance Court Is Dramatically Misplaced ThinkProgress (Lambert)
The ‘secrecy industrial complex’ David Rodhe (Richard Smith)
NSA gets early access to zero-day data from Microsoft, others ars technica. Explains one of the key takeaways of an important Bloomberg piece yesterday in a concise manner.
The influence of spies has become too much. It’s time politicians said no John LeCarre, Guardian (Richard Smith)

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